Exiled Guild Information


Exiled is a casual guild on Eldre'Thalas with the goal of raid content. Our main raid core comes from some of the best guilds of days past, both on Eldre'Thalas and other servers. Since most of us have raided 5 nights a week, 4 hours a day, Exiled was created to allow members to have a personal life outside of WoW. Our goal is to progress through content on normal and heroic modes. We aim to get people achievement mounts and have fun doing it. Because we raid 1-3 nights a week, we aim for 100% attendance. If this does not occur with a small guild of 10-15 people, more will have to be recruited. We understand that real life happens, just please let us know when things come up.


We raid according server time. (EST)

Sunday- Follow in-game calendar

Monday- Follow in-game calendar

Tuesday- Follow in-game calendar

Wednesday- Follow in-game calendar

Thursday- Free night

Friday- Free maybe

Saturday- Free night


Feel free to place an application or contact an officer in game. Seek out Newind or Ishanya or even Sectualhealn but don't expect much from him =D